Kisses For Kycie

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First Cheer Competition - January 10th

Joshua TerryComment

Post From Jamie:  First cheer competition for Kycie today!! She did so awesome and had the biggest smile on her face the whole time!! I loved it and so did she!! They took first place and did so good!! Sure love this baby girl!! @jjterry77

Competition in Las Vegas.  Jamie and Kycie drove down with Aunt Kaili.  Kycie kept talking about going swimming.  She couldn't wait to swim at the hotel pool with the other girls in her squad.  Jamie and Kycie got to Vegas late and all the other girls had already gone swimming.  Nothing stopping Kycie, she went swimming alone.  The next day was full of cheering and fun.  Never once did she show signs of fatigue, hunger, thirst or anything that seemed out of the ordinary.

Looking back, there were a few times at home that Kycie seemed "more emotional" in the week before she got sick.  I remember one particular time.  All the kids were upstairs and Kycie came to tattle on Keaton and Daxton.  They were being mean and Kycie was crying.  This was a bit unusual as Kycie could take teasing better than any of our kids.  She rarely cried, especially for something like this.  I even made the comment to Jamie, "Maybe this is the start of her emotions."  

Having all boys, many people warned us about the drama that follows a little girl.  We never experienced this.  Kycie was always so well mannered.  She could sit for hours and play toys by herself.  She didn't need anyone to entertain her.  She was good at sharing and the boys relentless teasing never bothered her.  In fact, I think she was quietly learning from her brothers because she knew every button she could push to agitate her boys.