Kisses For Kycie

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Christmas Day

Joshua TerryComment

Post From Jamie:  Kycie finally has a sister!!! Meet "Bell". The newest member of our family!!

As usual at the Terry house, Santa's sleigh crashed in our living room.  Kycie loved her new cache of Beanie Boos.  She was also excited to get her very own make-up kit.  She spent the morning putting on make up, just like mom.  When she was done marking up her face, gave her cousins a make over and then her 90+ year old great grandma.  She was covered in make up when she was told there was a surprise at the door.

The boys made it to the door first.  Kycie wasn't far behind.  In the video 'Kycie 5 years old' you can see the look on her face.  Classic Kycie.  Excited beyond belief, but contained to a simple smile and crinkled nose.  The little puppy had a collar with bells on it.  When we asked Kycie what she wanted to name it, she said, "Bell."