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Ponder the path of thy feet - January 24th, 2015

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Post From Jamie:  We had a fun time at house of jump with all these crazy kids yesterday!! Thankful for good friends and thankful we didn't loose one while we had so many;)

This picture was taken on Saturday, January 24th.  Just 6 days before that tragic day.  This was a fun day.  Kycie and her brothers each invited a friend to go.  Of course Kycie chose her buddy Jett.  They were born exactly one month apart.  Jamie and Jett's mom (Reagan) were born and raised in the same town, grew up together and have remained close friends from childhood.  This day Kycie jumped, ran, laughed and smiled.  

Reagan told me that a few days before we went to House of Jump, Kycie was at her house.  Their house is only 3 blocks away from our house.  Reagan asked Kycie if she could give her a ride home.  Kycie thought about it for a minute then said, "no, I think I will just walk."  She watched as Kycie walked down the sidewalk alone that day in January.  Kicking rocks, jumping over cracks in the cement and talking to herself.

I often wonder about that walk.  What was going through that little mind of hers?  What was she talking to herself about?  Kycie slowly followed the path back to her home.  It was the calm before the storm; time to herself and to be alone.  Or was she?  

In life, we learn that decisions determine destiny.  However, Kycie is only 5 years old.  The decisions she had made in her earthly life has had little to no determination of her destiny.  What decisions did Kycie make in her pre-mortal life?  Those choices must have played a vital role in her destiny because as a 5 year old child, she is not yet accountable for her choices.  When we came to earth, we brought with us one of the greatest gifts of God, our agency.  The privilege to choose for ourselves.  

There have been those times in my life, where if I look back with careful thought, I can see the divine hand of God smoothing out my path.  The quiet whisper of the Spirit into ears not ready to listen.  I am astonished when looking back to the previous year of my life and how well God prepared me for this trial, I just didn't realize it.  I will go more into that another day.  

Proverbs 4:26: "Ponder the path of thy feet."  I cannot help but think that on that day Kycie walked home alone, looking down at her painted toenails, that she was pondering the path of her feet.  About to walk a similar path that Jesus walked.  She was not alone, but a legion of angels from a life before walked by her side.  Ready to hold and sustain her in the hour before darkness.  She was more aware of what was to come than any of us will ever know.  Disappointment and pain, she was about to walk the path of bitter sorrow.  Remaining faithful and true unto all things, Kycie has now found great happiness and is reunited with those who walked home with her that day.  

I pray each night that I can have Kycie's courage.  To follow the path that Jesus walked, remain obedient and true and lay treasures up in heaven.  I know my little girl has the promise of eternal life.  I cannot wait to she her there again one day.